Can You Die From A Hangover?

Can you die from a hangover? First let’s discuss what a hangover is. The medical term for a hangover is veisalgia. A hangover is the unpleasant effects from alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol’s main ingredient is Ethanol and ethanol has a dehydrating effect that causes increased urine production, headaches, dry mouth and lethargy. Alcohol affects the brain and stomach so headaches and nausea are very common hangover symptoms.

Now, back to the original question at hand. Can you die from a hangover?

The symptoms themselves if severe enough can cause death. For example, in extreme cases dehydration can cause death. It’s also true that symptoms of a hangover can occur during alcoholic intoxication and after. If someone consumes enough alcohol to overdose then they could experience a hangover throughout their intoxication. So technically, a hangover can cause death but it might be a contributing factor more than the actual cause of death. Most of the effects of a hangover are headaches, dehydration, dry mouth, involuntary vomiting (which could be a sign of alcohol poisoning), increased body temperature and urges to use the bathroom. These symptoms alone aren’t great enough to cause death but mix in previous health issues, mixing of different alcoholic beverages, drugs, and you’ve got yourself an overdose of sorts. The severity of the hangover depends on how much alcohol a person has consumed, their height, weight, sex and overall tolerance. Some people can have 13 drinks in an 8-hour time span and wake up without a hangover while another person can have 4 drinks in an 8-hour time span and wake up with a horrible headache and diarrhea. So can you really die from a hangover? Yes and no. Like I said before a hangover occurs during and after intoxication and if you overdose then the symptoms like high fever and the amount of alcohol you consumed could have contributed to your death.

Although hangover remedies vary depending on whom you ask it’s best to rehydrate, fuel up on electrolytes, and get some food into your stomach. If you’re feeling so sick after a night of drinking that you feel like you’re dying or are asking, “Can you die from a hangover” seek medical attention as you might have alcohol poisoning or something more severe. We are all unique in body type, tolerance, and health history so do not If you are experiencing a hangover and feel like you’re dying call 911 immediately. If your hangover symptoms become severe and more than your normal dry mouth, headache, dehydration and other common hangover symptoms then call 911.

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