Is a Hangover a Symptom of a Bigger Problem?

"Is a Hangover a Symptom of a Bigger problem"

A hangover is a sign of drinking too much therefore we have to sometimes wonder if a hangover is a symptom of a bigger problem. Is it? If you have a hangover once is it a symptom of a bigger problem? What is the bigger problem if you may have it?

If you only have a hangover once or twice it usually is not a symptom of a bigger problem. That bigger problem is usually described as alcoholism or as being an alcoholic. Hangovers are a body’s way of healing after a long night of drinking. Alcohol is very dangerous to any person and when taken in large amounts in a short amount of time can wreak havoc on a person’s entire body, mind and even cellular structure. Alcohol penetrates every cell in a person’s body. Now does having a hangover every once in a while mean you are causing serious damage to your health? Not necessarily. Does having a hangover every time you drink mean you are causing serious damage to your health and could it be an indicator to a bigger problem? It just might.

The signs that a hangover is a symptom of a bigger problem are easy to spot and differentiate when looked at honestly. Here is an example; for many people who experience a particularly severe hangover, it can be the motivation to never drink excessively again. It happens every day: someone has a very bad experience after drinking too much and they simply make a decision to quit drinking and they never drink again.

Others, though, continue to drink despite repeated bouts with severe hangover symptoms. Continuing to drink despite negative consequences can be sign of alcoholism or alcohol dependence or, at the very least, alcohol abuse. Heavy drinkers who have sworn to themselves “never again” during a hangover, but return to drinking a short time later, have, by definition, a drinking problem.

It is true if you continue to drink heavily and continue to have hangovers as a result of drinking regardless of the negative side affects you probably have a bigger problem you may want to take a look at. This is one of the first signs of alcoholism, continuing the use of alcohol ignoring the after effects.

It is easy if you honestly take a look at your drinking to decide whether or not your hangover is a symptom of a bigger problem. Most people know well before hand if their drinking is heading in the direction of alcohol dependence or the beginning of a drinking problem. Just be aware that a hangover is a symptom of your body’s need to heal itself. Alcohol is a poison. The body can only withstand so much before physical consequences start to become apparent. So if you are experiencing hangovers they may or may not just be a sign of a bigger problem. Stay aware and stay knowledgeable on the effects and the consequences you are experiencing. If you have a hangover, do not drink or seriously limit your drinking.