The Top 5 College Drinking Games


The Top 5 College Drinking Games

By Jenny Hunt

March 9, 2012


5.            Power Hour: This game has pretty simple rules. It’s more of a drinking marathon than a game. Basically, everyone playing takes a shot of beer every minute for an hour. A more extreme version of the game is known as Century Club, where you take a shot of beer every minute for one hundred minutes. You can add rules to the game. An example is if you go to the bathroom before the end of the hour you must finish a beer.


4.            Flip Cup: This game requires a long table and enough plastic cups for everyone playing. Two teams should be formed with an equal number of players. The teams stand on opposite ends of the table, and a plastic cup full of beer is placed in front of them. When the game starts, the first player chugs his or her beer as fast as possible. Then they will set their empty cup on the edge of the table and then try to flip it upside down with their finger. They must keep trying to flip the cup until they succeed. Once they have flipped, the second person chugs his or her beer and tries to flip their cup. This continues down the line. The team that finishes first wins.


3.            Asshole: Asshole is a fun card game to play with four or more people. The object of the game is to be the first person to play all of the cards in their hand. Start by dealing out all of the cards. The person to the dealer’s left starts the play by laying down a card or cards with the same face value. The next person has to lay down the same number of cards with greater value (i.e. if the first person lays down one five, the next person has to lay down a six or above, if the first person lays down 2 tens, the next person must lay down two cards of the same value, and the value must be greater than ten.) A two, three, or four can be played at any time. A two clears the play, and it begins again with the person who cleared it. Threes are wild card. A four is a social: everyone drinks. If a player does not have any cards to play on his or her turn, they must drink. After the first hand, players are assigned a title based on the order in which they won the first game. The winner becomes the President, and he or she may make up a rule for the next hand of play (for example: no saying “drink”, “drank”, or “drunk”). Anyone who breaks the rule must drink. The President can demand that anyone take a drink at any time. The second place winner is the Vice-President and sits on the left of the President. He or she can demand that anyone except the President must drink.  The person that comes in last is the Asshole. The Asshole must shuffle and deal the cards, and plays last. The Asshole also supplies everyone else at the table with drinks, and must give his two best cards to the President in return for the President’s two worst calls at the beginning of play.

2.            Edward 40 Hands: For this game, all you need are two 40 ounce beers and duct tape for each player. You duct tape a 40 ounce beer to each hand, and you can’t take them off until you finish both beers.


1.            Beer Pong: For this game you need a ping pong table, plastic cups, and a ping pong ball.  Beer Pong is played with 2 teams consisting of 2 people per team. Each team is on one side of the table with 10 cups formed in the shape of a triangle and each cup filled 1/4 the way up with beer. The goal of the game is to eliminate all of your opponent’s cups before the cups on your side of the table are eliminated. You shoot the ping pong at your opponent’s cups and try to get the ping pong in one of their cups. When you make it, your opponents must remove the cup and drink the beer in the cup. First one to eliminate all their opponent’s cups wins.



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