‘Play Safe’ Documentary Shows How to Prevent Overdose and Hangovers

Play Safe

Play Safe

[Image Source: Chicago Tribune ]

“People were harmed during the making of this film, but without that sacrifice we’d have nothing” – Eddie Einbinder, Play Safe –

In the public school system, sex education is taught to teach children about the human reproductive system. In sex Ed we’re taught what sex is and how to practice it safely. What if we had to take a “Drug Ed” course in which we were shown what drugs were and how to practice using them safely? Wouldn’t that be a bit extreme? Not according to Eddie Einbinder.

Drug abuse in American is not a new concept and has fluctuated with the state of the economy. Every couple of years we start to battle a new drug, like cocaine and crack in the 80’s and prescription drug abuse in 2012. With every threat against humanity we must prepare solutions in prevention, education and treatment. Drug abuse is no different, but the methods used to prevent, educate and treat it are always a hot subject of debate.

Eddie Einbinder of New York is a crusader of sorts on harm reduction in drug use. After some of his college friends overdosed on various substances he decided to do something to bring awareness to drug use. Mr. Einbinder believes that people who want to try drugs are going to do it no matter what so why not educate everyone on the good, the bad, the ugly and how to use and prevent overdosing or a mean hangover. Is this, “how to use drugs safely” motto the way to go about spreading knowledge of drug abuse? Scare tactics have been used for many years to warn people of the dangers of drug abuse but those who’ve already become addicted do not “fear” the consequences. In the face of total loss of family, friends, work, social life, and health addicts will continue to use. So now we’re all left to wonder if this new way of awareness could work. What do you think?

Although Play Safe doesn’t seem to be out on the Internet for everyone to see, the trailer itself offers a snippet of what the viewer can expect to see.  According to the end of the trailer, Play Safe will feature people using the following drugs: Mushrooms, Ketamine, Marijuana, Nitrous, Cocaine, LSD, MDMA, Salvia, Heroin, Oxycontin, Tobacco, Meth, DMT, Adderall, and Alcohol.

Play Safe Trailer

SOURCE: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/ct-x-0523-drugs-education-keilman-20120523,0,2453593.story

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