The craziest ways drugs have been smuggled

Drugs smuggled in corpse

Drugs smuggled in corpse

The craziest ways drugs have been smuggled

Drug smugglers will do almost anything to sneak drugs across state, country, and prison borders. Getting drugs across borders means wider distribution, the ability to demand a higher price, and ultimately more profits. However, drug smugglers have  resorted to some crazy methods to get their product in the hands of drug users.

The craziest ways drugs have been smuggled: Pot Catapult

Last year, National Guard officials noticed smugglers setting up and using a pot catapult to get their product across the Mexico-Arizona border fence. The smugglers fled before they could get caught, but Mexican officials seized the catapult along with 45 pounds of marijuana. This is certainly not the most sophisticated smuggling operation in history, but I had to laugh at the idea of pounds of pot flying through the air.

The craziest ways drugs have been smuggled: Carrier Pigeons

Columbian police captured a carrier pigeon trying to fly into a prison with marijuana and cocaine strapped to its back. Apparently, the bird had trouble clearing the wall with its heavy load. This isn’t the only time birds have been used to smuggle or for drug related purposes. Apparently, some other carrier pigeons had been caught bringing SIM cards for cell phones into the same prison. In 2010, a parrot named Lorenzo was “arrested” after being found to be tipping off traffickers at a drug warehouse in Barranquilla.

The craziest ways drugs have been smuggled: Condoms and Anal Lube

An oldie, but goodie: swallowing drug filled condoms. This remains one of the most popular ways to smuggle drugs.  Drug mules numb their throats and swallow a bunch of latex condoms containing drugs. They then take laxatives to, um, expel the drugs when they reach their destination. Sounds pretty painful to me! Not to mention, the condom could break open in your stomach, causing a ton of drugs to hit your system at once. Overdose and death are not uncommon with this type of smuggling.

InThailand, a group of people were arrested for smuggling illegal steroids in packages literally labeled “Gay Lube Oil.”

The craziest ways drugs have been smuggled:  Corpses

In Africa, a couple of guys were arrested for smuggling drugs inside a dead body they said was being shipped home for burial. I think most people would prefer their coke without the side of rotting flesh.

The craziest ways drugs have been smuggled: Plastics

Some scientists have figured out how to mix cocaine with silicone to make something that looks like fabric. Other forward-thinkers have figured out how to process cocaine into a substance that looks like Plexiglas and can be disguised as CD cases and fish tanks. Pretty smart, but still not smart enough to get past drug-sniffing dogs, who aren’t so easily fooled because they don’t really care what the drugs look like.

The craziest ways drugs have been smuggled: Cocaine Jesus

Drug sniffing dogs at the Mexican border were very interested in a 7 pound Jesus statue in an elderly woman’s trunk, but officials couldn’t find any drugs inside. That’s because the statue was made of drugs. It had been molded out of a mixture of cocaine and plaster and was worth a whopping $200,000. All I know is, if you ever find yourself grinding up the head of Jesus and snorting it, it may be time to reevaluate your life.

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