The Spiritual Malady of Alcoholism

The Spiritual Malady of Alcoholism

The Spiritual Malady of Alcoholism

The Spiritual Malady of Alcoholism

The spiritual malady of alcoholism comes in different forms depending on the person. The spiritual malady of alcoholism is not unique to just alcoholics it is actually something that most people suffer from. The reason the spiritual malady of alcoholism is different than the spiritual malady for someone who isn’t an alcoholic, is that the alcoholic uses the drink or drug to deal with their spiritual malady in some way.

The definition of a spiritual malady is:

Malady means disconnect or separation. So therefore a spiritual malady is a separation or disconnect from spiritual things. This can mean a separation or disconnect from other human beings, spiritual principles, a spiritual higher power etc. Spiritual things are not merely religion but are defined by each individual uniquely as the guiding force in their lives-something that is greater than them or principles they live by.

So as you can clearly see not just alcoholics can have a spiritual disconnect or separation from things spiritual. All people can. It is merely how each person deals with that disconnect that determines whether they are alcoholic or not. For instance, the spiritual malady of alcoholism will drive a person to drink to the point of no return. It will drive an individual to drink regardless if they want to drink or not. This is the physical allergy of alcoholism and it is what causes alcoholics to drink regardless of consequences and regardless of whether they want to stop. Whether or not they were aware of it they most likely started drinking because of their spiritual malady. Kind of self-medication if you will for the pain they felt inside.

Personal experiences from alcoholics will tell you that the spiritual malady of alcoholism is the driving force in their lives. It creates bedevilments such as, fear, emotional insecurity and instability, trouble in personal relationships, an inability to manage life, misery and pain. It’s the gut feeling in someone that the world is no good and may even be out to get them. It’s the sick feeling in the pit of someone’s stomach when they think about their life. Its fear of what people think. Its feeling like no matter what they are not like everyone else and don’t fit in. Its residing in a family and not feeling a part of that family. These are all common descriptions of the spiritual malady of alcoholism. These are all common descriptions of the spiritual malady for anyone actually. The thing is though that when an alcoholic drinks they don’t feel those things anymore. They literally take liquor or “Spirits” if you will, into their body and all the fear, disconnect, pain, and misery goes away. The effects caused by alcohol are beyond pleasant to them. Actually the effects of alcohol are spiritual experience that allows them to be connected to the world. This creates a want and need to drink.

The spiritual malady of alcoholism is what resides even an alcoholic gets sober too. Just because an alcoholic stops drinking doesn’t mean their spiritual malady goes away. Because as we have already described alcohol was the solution to the spiritual malady not the cause of it, so when you take alcohol away from an alcoholic they are still left with all the bedevilments. That’s why many alcoholics will relapse because they don’t want to feel their spiritual malady and that’s why most alcoholics need a spiritual solution not just meetings or treatment centers.. They don’t need something to help them stop drinking they need something that is going to spiritually fulfill them and then there won’t be a need or want to drink anymore. Something that can spiritually fulfill an alcoholic is getting a relationship with a higher power or living by spiritual principles.

Once the spiritual malady of alcoholism has a solution other than alcohol such as spiritual principles etc., there will be no need to drink anymore.

Make sense? Good.


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