Life with a Suspended License Kind of Sucks

Life with a Suspended License Kind of Sucks

Life with a Suspended License Kind of Sucks

Driving is a privilege not a right unfortunately and it is a privilege most of us take for granted unless for some reason we are no longer allowed or cannot drive. You never really think about how easy being able to drive makes your life because it is so natural to just hop in your car and say go to the grocery store. Why? Because you can.

Well, I am here to tell you why life with a suspended license kind of sucks.

First reason life with a suspended license kind of sucks is you cannot just hop in the car and go to the grocery store. When you have a suspended license everything in your life that other people who drive can do easily becomes much more complicated. In this instance we are talking about going to the grocery store. In less you live within walking distance of a grocery store, your grocery shopping trip must be planned ahead of time. How you are going to get there, how you are going to get home, how much can you carry with you home before it is too much, and not only that but you only get one shot to get everything you need for that day because to go back would mean another trip taking the bus, walking etc. back to the grocery store.

Want to know another reason life with a suspended license kind of sucks? Where you live is based on where you need to get on a daily basis. With a suspended license you can’t live wherever you want. Your living situation has to be based on transportation. How close is it to work? Can I get to the grocery store? (See above paragraph) Is there a bus stop nearby? All of these determine where you live not how nice the apartment or houses are or the area, or even how affordable it all is etc.

That baseball game, concert, fair, amusement park, camping trip, and vacation you want to go to is something you won’t be doing. A lot of the things that are not within walking distance from you are out of your reach. Things that you may like to do, such as, going to concerts or going on vacation or traveling; well these have to wait until you get a license. This is one of the biggest reasons life with a suspended license sucks. Your life is literally based on how far you can get on a bus, walking, or bike.

Every part of your life is dictated by how close it is to you. Getting to and from places is not just a thought or instinct it is an all-day planned event if you have a suspended license.

But let me say this. If you have a suspended license it is probably best that you do. You obviously were a danger on the road to others and yourself. Like I said at the beginning of this post; driving is a privilege not a right. That means your driving privilege can be taken away. Don’t drive drunk. You can end up killing someone including yourself. So if you have a suspended license remember that you probably deserve it and if you deserved it let me tell you some positive things to having a suspended license.

  • You get your exercise
  • You become resourceful
  • The things others take for granted you learn to appreciate
  • You pay attention to the little things like the weather (Don’t want to get rained on walking somewhere)
  • You learn humility
  • You learn how to ask for help
  • You become more independent
  • You learn to like new things that are near to where you live
  • You aren’t polluting the planet

So having a suspended license does suck but you can always find the bright side to anything. And there is definitely something to be said to not driving.

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