The Ultimate Hangover Remedy: Yoga?

Yoga and Hangovers

After you have been out partying a bit too much and are paying the price the morning after you may not even feel like moving but there is a routine that could  be the answer to your hangover blues. Enter: yoga. A light and simple yoga routine the day after you drink a little too much may be just as effective as jogging and possibly more effective than the normal, “lay in bed and rest” remedy.

Here is how to cure a hangover with yoga:

A yoga routine normally has a number of different asanas or yoga poses that are specifically designed to stimulate, energize and detox organs and other parts of your body. In order to counteract those unpleasant symptoms of hangover, you know, the headache, queasiness, and fatigue there are a few certain yoga poses that can help detoxify and recharge your body so you can quickly and easily get back to normal. This is awesome because hangovers can be rough.

The first step in the ultimate hangover remedy, yoga, is to drink plenty of water. Drinking plenty of water should already be on the list of things to do because drinking water is a huge hangover remedy in fact it is THE remedy. Rehydrating is essential to getting rid of a hangover as well as having a good yoga session. The reason for this is because alcohol dehydrates the body of its essential nutrients and minerals. Drinking a few glasses of water before the yoga routing and drinking some more throughout the day should really help you to be on your way to feeling better. Avoiding carbonated drinks and caffeine are also a good idea because they will just make things worse and dehydrate you more. Here is a yoga sequence for hangovers.

  • Lie on you back and take a few deep and calming breaths.
  • Lift your feet in the air and hold it there for a minute. If you cannot manage this, use a wall as support.
  • Alternatively flex and point your feet to stretch those tired muscles.
  • Pull your knees down to your chest and wrap your arms around them and give yourself a big hug. This is known as the Wind Relieving Pose and helps detoxify the stomach and intestines and encourages cleansing.
  • Other yoga poses that can help reduce the effects of a hangover include Sun Salutations – to increase the heart rate and improve circulation, Twisting Poses – to rid the stomach of all toxins and cleanse the organs and end with a few relaxing or meditative poses to clear the mind and restore the body’s equilibrium.

There is still no scientific evidence that yoga works as a hangover remedy or that yoga will get rid of the effects of alcohol but it is a known fact that what yoga does do is reduce stress and make you feel better. If you have a hangover keep your movements slow and gentle and keep regular breath flowing during the poses. If anything it may not get rid of the hangover but it will help to make you feel maybe just a little bit more relaxed. And then you can go back to sleep.

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