3 Ways to Cure a Hangover

3 Ways to Cure a Hangover

Hangovers call for a cure. Hangovers are the unpleasant side effect of having too much of a good time the night before. Enter in headache, nausea, possible vomiting, fatigue and severe dehydration and you now need to find a way to feel better. You may or may not know the way to cure a hangover. Luckily for you there are plenty of hangover cures out there to take care of those morning after blues and they actually are fairly simple. Here are 3 ways to cure a hangover:

Ways to cure a hangover: Seltzer Morning Relief

Seltzer morning relief is a special form of Alka-Seltzer made for curing a hangover. Seltzer morning relief promotes itself as fast acting formula that gets rid of the most common symptoms associated with a hangover such as headache and fatigue. This would make sense because the two active ingredients in Seltzer Morning Relief are caffeine and aspirin. These two ingredients actually have been shown to make hangovers worse. But that is not what Seltzer Morning Relief says. Seltzer morning relief also promotes itself as being a maximum strength pain reliever that is gentle on your stomach and will give you a burst of energy to get you up and moving again.

Ways to cure a hangover: Water

Water makes up over half of what your body is made of. And when you drink too much you dehydrate it of essential vitamins, water, and nutrients it needs to keep you feeling well and healthy. Water as a hangover cure is your new best friend. The best way to use water to cure a hangover is to drink a few glasses while you are actually drinking. But don’t worry if you forgot to do that. The next morning when your hangover is hitting you hard just find a clean cup, fill it with some good old H2O and drink half the glass and relax. Drink as much water as you want just make sure to drink it slowly. Eventually with water as a hangover cure you will begin to feel better.

Ways to cure a hangover: Sleep

After water; sleep is your second best friend. Because your body has been working so hard to process all the alcohol from the night before and because you have dehydrated yourself of essential nutrients and vitamins to keep you energized you are going to feel fatigued. This is where sleep comes in. Sleeping off a hangover is literally one of the most fool proof and effective ways to deal with a hangover. If you have to work in the morning then maybe use the water and seltzer morning relief but if you have the chance to sleep than take it. Nothing is going to cure a hangover like letting your body rest from the chaos and havoc you put it through the night before. Sleep until you are ready to wake up and keep that handy glass of water nearby and you will be right as rain in just a few hours.

Whatever you are using to cure a hangover just makes sure to let your body rest. Sleep and water are really the only two realistic options for a hangover cure that don’t actually wreak more havoc on your body. So drink up, water we mean and get some sleep!




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