5 Holistic Remedies for Your Hangover

5 Holistic Remedies for Your Hangover

A hangover is your body’s way of letting you know you may have had a little too much fun last night. Unfortunately once you reach the point of a hangover there is no going back no matter how much you wish you could. That extra beer or shot doesn’t seem worth it now but yet here you are. Hangovers feel awful, they are very similar to being sea sick; there is the fatigue, dehydration, pounding headache and in some cases severe nausea. Depending on how hung over you are there may even be some dizziness going on. This is all because your body has been depleted of essential vitamins and it has been wracked with alcohol. Luckily there are some holistic remedies for your hangover that can have you feeling better in no time. Here are 5 holistic remedies for your hangover:

1. Holistic remedies for your hangover: Bananas and Ginger

Bananas are full of potassium, potassium that while you were drinking and using the bathroom was leaving your body rapidly. Eating a banana will replenish your body with the essential vitamin potassium giving you some energy to beat the fatigue. Ginger is an old holistic remedy for hangovers. In fact ginger was used to treat nausea and seasickness for a long time. If you want to conquer your nausea ginger is the best bet.

2. Holistic remedies for your hangover: Honey and Lemons

Honey and lemons with a little bit of hot water can help to replenish lost fluids and sugars due to a long night of drinking. Your body has a hangover because it has lost a lot of its essential sugars and fluids due to drinking. Honey can help because it contains fructose which competes for the metabolism of alcohol. Competition is needed since the rapid change in alcohol levels is what has caused your headache.

3. Holistic remedies for your hangover: Water

Water works well to help with just about anything including a hangover. Drinking water is by far the best cure for a hangover to date. This is because dehydration can wreak havoc on the body and is the reason for most of the symptoms that come along with a hangover. Drinking water, whether it is carbonated, tap water or a filtered bottle of Dasani, is the best holistic hangover remedy there is. Drink more than the average eight glasses a day while recovering from a hangover.

4. Holistic remedies for your hangover: Sports drinks and Juice

Juice especially if it is freshly squeezed orange juice can help to raise blood sugar levels which in turn can help to ease some of the discomfort due to a hangover. If you are nauseous it is probably best to skip the acidic juices though and stick with a sports drink. Sports drinks are easy on the stomach and contain lots of electrolytes to replenish some of the vitamins your body is missing right now. Any sports drink with electrolytes will help with your hangover.

5. Holistic remedies for your hangover: Rice, Toast and Soups

Usually when you have a hangover the last thing you want to do is eat but eating can be a good thing if it is the right kind of food. Food will give you some sustenance for energy. Staying away from solid foods and sticking with clear liquids such as chicken noodle soup is the best bet early into your hangover. Later on if you can handle solid food, move onto something like toast or rice that will be easy on the stomach.

There is not fool proof holistic remedy for your hangover but there are some ways to ease the discomfort by giving your body what it is so dearly missing. A late night of drinking can wreak some havoc on the body so if you find yourself with a hangover do the right thing and just stick with what works and is easy on the body which is mainly a good amount of sleep and some tall glasses of water.





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