5 Reasons Hangover Part III is Tanking at the Box Office

5 Reasons Hangover Part III is tanking at the box office

The Hangover Part III was meant to be the epic finish to a trilogy of drunken movies that took the public by storm, beginning with The Hangover and then its twin sister Hangover Part II. Unfortunately, the meant to be epic ending to The Hangover trilogy has left many disappointed and it shows in the numbers at the box office. The Hangover Part III is tanking at the box office and probably for good reasons when you really take a good, long, hard, look at it. Here are 5 reasons Hangover Part III is tanking at the box office:

  1. The actors look bored. According to many reviews all over the internet one of the biggest reasons the Hangover Part III is tanking at the box office is because of the acting. This isn’t to say the actors in the movie aren’t good actors but they just look bored according to critics. “I’m sure much of Cooper’s involvement is just due to him paying some respect to the franchise that rocketed him to success he is currently enjoying.” “Ed Helms and Justin Bartha are back, too, but I couldn’t care less about them, either. In fact, the whole cast is dull and uninteresting.”Cooper and Helms go through the paces, but it’s clear they are here only for their paychecks”
  2. The Hangover Part III was meant to be funny and it just isn’t funny. According to critics the movie was dark, had hardly any jokes and is witless. “This is a smug, witless picture that makes you feel like you’ve been had — at least until that great bit over the end credits shows up, and you go home wondering how that movie might have turned out.”
  3. It didn’t follow the plot that made The Hangover such a success and gave The Hangover Part II its redeeming quality. The plot for The Hangover Part III has no wild bachelor parties, bouts of amnesia, or absurdist humor. What actually is happening in The Hangover Part III is a series of chases through Mexico and eventually Las Vegas to try and get back a mobster’s loot or die. The main focus isn’t even on “The Wolfpack” it is actually on Jeong who owes the mobster.
  4. It is too much of Ken Jeong’s character Chow. Critics are saying that they almost took the jokes with Chow too far. “His seething hatred for man and beast (“Make sure you kill the guard dogs,” he insists at one point) is so venomous it smacks of some kind of warped integrity.” Some critics have even said because of this that the movie is a comedy for sociopaths. For example, the movie begins with a giraffe getting hit by a car on the highway and a decapitation.
  5. More people wanted to see Fast and Furious 6. Unfortunately, The Hangover Part III came out around the same time as some other great movies which really put it behind at the box office. And because of the nature of the movie and its lack of humor of course everyone would rather see something else other than this mess up.

Unfortunately for the The Hangover Part III the ending was not as epic as they intended. The one good part of The Hangover Part III according to critics and obviously by looking at the box office; is that it’s over.





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