How to Pass a Drug Test (Hair)

How to pass a drug test (hair)

How does a hair drug test work?

When drug metabolites are in the blood, they’ll end up in the blood vessels, including those in the head, and get filtered through the hair. In basic terms, at least, this is how hair drug testing comes about. When you do drugs the drugs get in your blood and then filtered into the hair.  Hair drug testing can go back months, showing the toxins a person may have used in a time-line fashion. Masking hair is not realistic as the sample is washed to remove left in products or external contamination such as secondhand smoke. A hair drug test involves cutting 50-80 strands of hair from the base typically at the crown of the head. A minimum length of 1 inch is necessary or body hair such as face chest or underarm hair can be used.

What methods can you use to pass a drug test?

  • If you want to pass a hair follicle drug test, you can opt to use detoxifying shampoos. However, it does not give a complete assurance of passing a drug test.
  • There is also the home remedy for passing a drug test which includes 5 steps. The first step you soak your hair in vinegar slowly over a 10 minute period. You then let it sit for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then add liquid detergent and work that through your hair until it is like a paste. Let it sit for about twenty to thirty minutes. After that you can rinse it out but don’t shampoo it. Then if you want to go the extra mile it is recommended for this way to pass a drug test to dye your hair.
  • Another way to pass a drug test that is also risky is to use lemon in your hair and then salicylic acid to wash. According to this way to pass a drug test you can wash your hair after you do the lemon and salicylic wash routine.
  • There are also special cleansers that you can buy online that have been specifically developed for helping you pass a hair drug test. These also though; no matter how many times they guarantee it, are not guaranteed.

The hair follicle drug test is one of the hardest drug tests to pass because there is just no way of getting around or removing what is in your hair follicle. The best way to try and pass a hair drug test is to not do drugs but unfortunately with this type of drug test; certain things can be detected that you may have used months ago. The hair is a real giveaway for employers and probation officers who use this method of testing on how long you have been using drugs and whether or not you may have a problem. There is one flaw in the hair drug test though. It isn’t good at detecting very light marijuana use. It is very good at detecting cocaine and methamphetamine use though.


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