How to stage an alcohol intervention

How to stage an alcohol intervention

Staging an alcohol intervention is a life changing event for families and loved ones of addicts and for the addicts themselves. Alcohol interventions can be very emotionally charged and hard to deal with. Before anyone stages an alcohol intervention they should know what they are doing and what they are getting into. Anyone wanting to stage an alcohol intervention should know how to first.  Here is how to sage an alcohol intervention:

1.       For an alcohol intervention talk to an alcohol intervention counselor first

Alcohol counselors or alcohol interventionists are trained in successful alcohol interventions and know the various emotional pitfalls that are involved in an alcohol intervention. People can react in various amounts of ways when confronted with an alcohol intervention, for instance; denial, anger, evasion or even violence. For anyone wanting to stage an alcohol intervention they should contact an alcohol clinic in the area and speak with a counselor about alcohol intervention strategies. They should mention the history with the alcohol user and the facts about any past efforts to try and get through to them. Be honest when talking to an alcohol counselor so they can provide advice and will best able to be there to help you with the alcohol intervention when it happens.

2.       For an alcohol intervention involve friends, family and co-workers

The more people who are close to the alcoholic who are involved in the alcohol intervention, the stronger it will be. Making a list of important people who can participate in the alcohol intervention is a great way to begin to stage it. Let the people involved help plan the alcohol intervention and keep them aware of what the alcohol intervention will entail exactly. Each participant should practice what they will say to the drinker during the alcohol intervention. Practicing the alcohol intervention at least one with everyone is also a good idea.

3.       Find a time and place to stage the alcohol intervention

Finding a good time and place to stage the alcohol intervention is key. An alcohol intervention should be somewhere safe and secure, such as a friend’s house, a parent’s house or a hotel room. An alcohol intervention place should have enough space to hold every participant and no small children should be around. Pick a time also when the alcoholic is sober and reasonably calm. In addition, it is important to have a treatment center set up for the drinker to go once the alcohol intervention is over to. If the alcohol intervention is successful then the alcoholic can simply pack a bag and go there immediately.

4.       During the alcohol intervention be firm but loving

When it comes time for the alcohol intervention it is important that all members of the alcohol intervention stay firm but loving. Being and honest and supportive is key to an alcohol intervention. During the alcohol intervention the alcohol counselor will greet the drinker and explain the purpose of the alcohol intervention. Each person will have their chance to stand up and speak to the alcoholic either reading from their prepared speeches or talking directly to them. In each case during the alcohol intervention it is important that the alcoholic realizes the impact they are having on those around them. AT the end of this ask the alcoholic if they will go to an alcohol rehab.

5.       Adhere to disciplinary measures set out during the alcohol intervention

Being prepared for the possibility that the alcoholic will not confront their problem is paramount for an alcohol intervention. No matter how overwhelming the evidence the drinker has to decide for themselves that they want to get help. Making clear consequences during the alcohol intervention may persuade the drinker to get help. Sticking to these consequences made during the alcohol intervention is very important. Being prepared to severe contact with the drinker is part of the alcohol intervention. It sounds harsh but that is what may make or break the success of an alcohol intervention.


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