Marijuana Colleges

Oaksterdam University

Oaksterdam University

Marijuana Colleges

Marijuana colleges have been springing up all over the place ever since California took the law into their own hands and made the use of pot for medical reasons, totally legal. Marijuana is still totally illegal according to federal law.

Marijuana colleges are places for kids to go and learn everything they possibly can about the botany of growing pot. The most famous of marijuana colleges is of course Oaksterdam University.

Oaksterdam or Oaksterdam University is a play on two cities, one which is home to this marijuana college and the other which is kind of known as mecca for drug users; Oakland, CA and Amsterdam.

Oakland or Oaksterdam is well known for its laws about the use of marijuana, which say it is legal to possess, cultivate and donate marijuana for medical purposes. Users of marijuana can acquire a patient identification card from a doctor and then begin buying marijuana from one of Oakland’s four officially licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

Because of Oaklands laws about cannabis it has been able to establish a few marijuana colleges as we mentioned above. Oaksterdam University is where students are trained for medical marijuana work. The latter of these two universities is what we mean by Marijuana College.

Marijuana College was founded by Richard Lee, who spent more than 1 million dollars as the main backer of a California ballot measure defeated in 2010 that would have legalized marijuana in the state for recreational use. Richard Lee is also the executive chancellor of Marijuana College or Oaksterdam and also is connected to a few marijuana museums nearby to the college.

The marijuana colleges offer classes to would-be medical marijuana providers in fields ranging from horticulture to business to the legal ins-and-outs of running a dispensary. It does not distribute marijuana.

Marijuana colleges are still very controversial and are still susceptible to being raided by the federal government because according to the federal government pot is still very illegal. In fact the most famous (or infamous, I should say) marijuana college has been raided recently.

This has not stopped marijuana colleges. Marijuana, pot, weed, whatever you want to call it is one of the biggest if not the biggest cash crop in California so there is always going to be a need for growers or want of growers for pot. The amount of money a pot grower can make is astounding if he or she is selling to medical pot dispensaries. Marijuana colleges offer normal classes specifically on the cultivation of pot. They also offer business if you want to open a dispensary, the medical uses of pot, marketing for the dispensary and so much more.

While you may not want to attend marijuana colleges as your one and only career move it may be interesting and even valued one day if pot does become legal according to the federal government. Before today’s day and age marijuana colleges would have been considered absolutely hellacious in the eyes of the country and yet here we are with colleges that teach everything there is to now about growing, buying and selling pot. Marijuana colleges are out there; just make a trek to where pot is legal for medical use.


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Weirdest Street Names for Drugs

Some of the street names for drugs have slowly turned weird. Due to a drug users want to be conspicuous, hip, and maybe even gangster; these street names for drugs have gone through all kinds of twists and turns to the point of being downright bizarre and sometimes humorous. Here are the weirdest street names for drugs.

Chicken Feed. Can you take a guess at which drug we are talking about here? It shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that we are definitely not talking about the animal food your grandpa used on his farm. So, what are we talking about when we say chicken feed? Chicken feed is one of the weirdest street names for meth. Methamphetamine has hundreds of street names but chicken feed came across as the weirdest. Other street names for meth are:

  • Crystal
  • Cristina
  • Cinnamon
  • Tina
  • Spackle

Sweet Jesus!! Yes we are kind of shocked at this next weird street name. This weird street name for this drug is definitely one of the most “out there” names we have found so far. In comparison to the other weirdest street names for drugs, this definitely is in the top three. Sweet Jesus it’s not just a saying you hear in church anymore; it’s also something you would hear if you were looking for, well, heroin. Yep, we said it!! Sweet Jesus and heroin are synonymous on the street.  So there you have it. Sweet Jesus comes in as the weirdest street name for heroin. Some other weird street names for heroin are:

  • Ballot
  • Big Bag
  • Brown Sugar
  • Cheese
  • Dead on Arrival

Scooby snacks. Have you ever wondered why Scooby was so excited to get those Scooby snacks? Well the next weirdest street name for drugs has the unusual and comical name of Scooby snacks, which in drug user’s laymen’s terms stands for MDMA, better known as ecstasy. This is definitely one of the weirdest street names for drugs out there. Some other weird street names for MDMA are:

  • Trolls
  • Beans
  • Love Drug
  • Eve

Whackatabacky. Yes, that is a word. Try saying that three times fast. Whack-a-ta-backy. Whackatabacky is the weirdest street name for this drug. Take a guess? Marijuana. Whackatabacky stands for whack tobacco. Some other of the weirdest street names for marijuana are:

  • Boom
  • Chronic
  • Doobie
  • Gangster
  • Ganja
  • Herb

How do you like me now? Not really. “How do you like me now?” is not even a name but a statement and this statement comes in as one of the weirdest street names for drugs. Which drug says “how do you like me now?” well, its crack. Smoking “how do you like me now?” is really bad for you. Nope, it doesn’t really work in a sentence which is why this weird street name for this drug is so, we guess, weird. Some other of the weirdest street names for crack are:

  • Devil drug
  • Dice
  • Electric kool-aid
  • Fat bags                                                                                      
  • French Fries

The weirdest street names for drugs are only what we can describe as inventive. Just remember even though these drugs get cool, hip, inventive and conspicuous names doesn’t mean they are as fun, hip or as inventive to do.

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