Hangover Story: Passing out in her car and ruining it for good

After a long night of drinking Sarah was ready to go home. Her story is the perfect example of what not to do after drinking a copious amount of alcohol. Sarah stumbling drunk got into her car to drive. This is our first absolute no, no.  Not only could she have ended up killing herself but she could have ended up killing someone else on the road. Regardless, our drunken woman Sarah got in her car and made the short drive from the bar to her apartment complex.

Once she got to her apartment complex and parked her car she opened her car door to get out. The next thing Sarah knew was she was opening her eyes to the sun shining, birds chirping and people going to work. She looked around and realized she had passed out before she could even step out of her car. Not only that but she had thrown up all over the floorboard of her car. When she tried to turn her car on the battery was dead from leaving her car door propped open all night. Sarah didn’t even remember how she got home the night before much less not making into her apartment or even throwing up in her car.

The car ended up smelling like vomit for the next six weeks. She didn’t make it to work the next day due to her hangover and could of gotten arrested, killed or killed someone else driving drunk.

The Moral of this story: Don’t drink. Definitely don’t drink and drive-I mean really? C’mon now. If you are going to drink have a designated driver or call a cab. Drink plenty of water before you go to bed if you can make it to your bed and get plenty of rest.


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