Hangover Story: Plumber Falls Asleep On Customers Kitchen Floor

It started out as fun night at the bar watching the football game. Then it turned into a couple pints of beer and few shots of tequila. Forgetting that he had work in the morning our plumber continued to drink and drink. Not eating, drinking no water, and diminishing his body of B-vitamins the plumber staggered his way home to hit the hay.

What he came to find the next morning was his body and mind in less than perfect shape. His head was throbbing, he was so tired, and his throat was dry. He felt like he was going to puke along with all the other hangover symptoms. It was then that he got the call saying he had to go and fix an older woman’s pipes in her kitchen.

He began working on her pipes, lying on the ground his head under the sink. The next thing he knew he felt something kicking his feet that were sticking out from under the sink. “Are you okay?” the woman asked. “Sure” the plumber said. “Ill be done here in a second.” The woman replied, “I was just wondering because you were snoring under there.”

The plumber didn’t lose his job but he was pretty miserable while doing it and pretty severely embarrassed at the fact that he had fallen asleep on this woman’s kitchen floor. “I should have called in to work sick” the plumber said.

Moral of this story: Don’t drink before you have to be at work or if you do call out sick from work. You can’t speed up the recovery of a hangover even if you can help remedy it. IT takes however long the body takes to heal from hangover and you really should give the body time. That or if you know you’re going to have a hangover take B-vitamins for energy and drink plenty of water.




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