Hangover Story: College Student Falls Asleep in The Wrong Dorm Room

After a long hard night of drinking Jason, a student of Florida State, was ready for bed. It seemed to be like any other normal night of drinking. Go out to the bar, get smashed and come back to the dorms to rest up before class on Monday. Little did he know is when he got on the elevator he pressed the button for the fourth floor instead of the second. This was the catalyst to an interesting morning that was mixed with a massive headache, fatigue and dehydration otherwise known as a killer hangover.

 As Jason, took the elevator to what he thought was the second floor of the dorms he held himself up wanting nothing more than his bed. Soon the elevator doors opened and being as drunk as he was he didn’t even notice that not only was he not on the second floor but he was on the girl’s floor. “I thought it looked a little unfamiliar” Jason said “but I was so drunk I barely thought about it” He stumbled and staggered his way to the room he thought was his, opened the door and slowly climbed into bed. “The spins were seriously bad” Jason said, so he grabbed the trashcan and puked for a good five minutes into it and then “I just passed out.” Jason reports.

Next thing he knew he was being awoken by three very angry girls who were holding what looked to be like a backpack full of books covered in puke. They were yelling and it didn’t do much to help his headache. Reports say that the girls were “Screeching so loud you could hear them down the hall”. “It suddenly dawned on me”, says Jason. “I definitely wasn’t in my own dorm room and what I had thought was the trashcan was one of the girl’s backpacks.” With that Jason said he quickly grabbed his keys and ran out the door, hoping no one would know about the awful mistake he had made. As he made it back to his own dorm room he stopped by the bathroom only to catch his reflection in the mirror. “I had obviously been passed out longer than I thought, the girls had drawn all over my face and then I remembered I had fallen asleep with my shoes on!” Jason said while shaking his head.

Jason finally made it to his own bed where he then slept for another 12 hours until the hangover wore off. “I missed my Monday classes.” “It totally wasn’t worth it” Jason says. With that Jason did have this to say though, “If you are going to drink make sure you are somewhat coherent. You never know what it’s going to be like waking up after a long hard night of drinking. Seriously. I didn’t have to deal with just a hangover but also the back lash of an embarrassing night for the next three months, I think the girls even got some pictures”

Moral of this story: If you are planning on getting hammered make sure you know where you are or have someone with you. Also drink plenty of water and eat something!  This would have kept Jason somewhat coherent. This would have also helped with Jason’s headache, dehydration and vomiting. Sometimes hangovers are inevitable but they can be eased up a little. The best advice though is still to just not drink.





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