Common Hangover Cures

Hangover - Common Hangover Cures


There are so many hangover cures out there today that you may be wondering how do I curb the consequences of my drinking the night before? Well hang on because there is relief and it comes in much more common places and accessible ways than you might have thought. That hangover you’re dealing with right now could have been avoided or relieved hours ago. Here are some common hangover cures to help with those “morning after” blues.

Drink plenty of water. Alcohol dehydrates your body of fluids, so the more water you drink, the more fluids you replace and the better you will feel. While nursing a bottle of water the next morning will certainly help your hangover, this method is best used preventatively. Down a tall glass of water (or several) before falling asleep and wake up feeling at least a bit better. A prevention tip for hangovers instead of a common hangover cure is to alternate between alcoholic beverages and a glass of water during your night out.

Drink more alcohol?
Drinking more alcohol the morning after your escapades and drinking ambitions the night before is common hangover cure, but it is also a quick way to continue with your buzz. A hangover begins when your blood alcohol content levels begin to drop, causing dehydration and all the side effects that we know as a sign of a “little too much fun”. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger though, drink up the booze!  While you may not stomach another round of tequila shots, chances are a Bloody Mary won’t sound bad. It won’t sound bad at all.

More fluids means Gatorade. While you probably aren’t going to expect to be playing in the nearest soccer match after your last bout of drinking or even going for your normal morning run; one of the most common hangover cures is this sports drink. Gatorade is packed with electrolytes which help your body rehydrate. Drinking Gatorade may be an even better option than your other best friend, water, right now because of the vitamins and electrolytes in it which help your body to retain the hydration it so desperately needs right now.

Waffle House Anyone? Have you ever found yourself craving your late night local diner’s breakfast after a serious night of drinking? This is because greasy foods are a common hangover cure. If you have ever woken up and stared at yourself in the mirror and thought “Man, wouldn’t Waffle House be great?” we say go for it!! Research may not support the idea of piling on carbs and fats on top of all that liquor from the night before, but one’s stomach most definitely does. What’s the best greasy food used as a common hangover cure? Why, bacon of course!

Running. Remember how we said you may not feel like going for your morning run or even playing in that soccer match when we told you to drink Gatorade? Well one of the most common hangover cures is to literally “sweat it out” and go for a run. So if you got the Gatorade then maybe your best option is to take to the streets if you are suffering from a serious hangover. Running creates a good, healthy release of endorphins, combined with fresh air, and it could also boost your mood and help your body rid itself of the toxins you shot, and we mean literally shot, into it the night before.

These are some common hangover cures you may have heard of or not. Other than these four the number one most common hangover cure is sleep. Sleep is your new best friend. If you have the time for it, get it, if you don’t you may be well to try one of these other four common hangover cures and then get it when you can.

You may be wondering why you don’t see the little miracle pills, acetaminophen or aspirin on our list, that is because they may end up harming you more than they will help you. Acetaminophen has been known to cause liver damage, which you may already have enough of if you’re trying to cure a hangover. And as for aspirin? Well it could potentially increase the chance of bleeding in your stomach and gastrointestinal tract which has gone through quite enough with you in the last 12 to 24 hours.

We hope this helps and we offer no guarantees that these will work perfectly. We do leave you with this though, if you are going to drink try to do so in a way that keeps you from searching for the most common hangover cures on the Internet the next morning.

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