Hangover Home Remedies

Hangover Home Remedies
Hangover Home Remedies


There are many ways to prevent a hangover. The number one way to prevent a hangover is not drinking so much or spreading out your drinks over a longer period of time. Drinking water also helps, as does drinking on a full stomach. But sometimes, despite our best efforts (or any effort), a night of partying can end in a pounding headache, upset stomach, and dizziness.

The best cure for a hangover is time, but if you don’t want to suffer, here are some hangover home remedies that can help:

1.) Bananas: One of the best hangover home remedies is bananas. They are full of potassium, which is something your body needs after a night of drinking. It’s also good to get something in your stomach when you have a hangover, to help with sour stomach.

2.) Ginger ale: Ginger is a great hangover home remedy because it treats nausea. The carbonation in ginger ale will also help settle your stomach.

3.) Peppermint or chamomile tea: These teas are natural antacids so they make good hangover home remedies. For extra relief, use honey instead of sugar to sweeten the tea. Honey contains fructose, which competes with the metabolism of alcohol. This helps a hangover, because the quick metabolism of alcohol is what causes many hangover symptoms.

4.) Water, Juice, or Sports Drinks: Many hangover symptoms are caused by dehydration. You’re body loses a lot of fluids and other nutrients during a night of drinking. Drinking a lot of water, juice, or other sports drinks can help you replenish some of what you lost. Steer clear of acidic juices, like orange, as acidic juices can sometimes exacerbate a sour stomach. Sports drinks can help replenish electrolytes, as well as hydrating your body.

5.) Toast or Rice: Toast and rice are classic hangover home remedies. Food is often the last thing you want to consider when recovering from a wicked hangover, but having something on your stomach can help settle it and give you more energy. Rice and toast are simple and easy to ingest.

6.) Ice: Putting an icepack on your aching head can help with a wicked hangover. If you don’t have an icepack, a package of frozen vegetables works too. Or just rinse a washcloth in cold water and apply it to your forehead.

7.) Multivitamin: When you drink, you lose a lot of key nutrients, including B vitamins. Sometimes taking a multivitamin can help shorten the hangover.

8.) Pepto-Bismol: Pepto-Bismol is a great hangover home remedy because it can help with so many different stomach ailments that can be caused by excess drinking including: sour stomach, nausea, and diarrhea.

9.) Sleep: Sleep, aside from hydrating yourself, is a must in hangover home remedies. Rest is your best friend when you have a hangover. It gives your body a chance to recover and to regain energy. If you can, take a couple hours out of the day to nap when you have a hangover, or be sure to get to bed extra early the next night.

10.) Raw cabbage: Last, but not least on our list of hangover home remedies is raw cabbage. If you can stomach it, chewing on a piece of raw cabbage can cure a pounding headache.

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