Butt Chugging

Butt Chugging


Hi parents!  Guess what? There’s just one more thing you have to be worried about, it’s called butt chugging.  Butt—what? Yeah, that’s what we said when we first heard about this. The newest fad is butt chugging or vodka tampons. Butt chugging is also knowing as “boofing,” and “slimming.” Butt chugging is similar to a beer bong, except that the consumption of the beer is rectally as opposed to orally. A funnel is connected to a tube which is inserted into the rectum. The beer is taken much like an enema. Thus we have butt chugging. The main purpose of butt chugging as opposed to drinking beer is that the alcohol taken rectally has much greater effect than the alcohol taken orally. With all the ridiculous and dangerous things kids are getting into now-a-days, this has got to be one of the most disturbing ones.

The alleged story of how butt chugging started went kind of like this; an alcoholic man that had just had surgery on his throat was dying for a drink. After the alcoholic begged his wife enough she went into the bathroom and filled the end of an enema bag while the man stood in the shower and had is enema of Sherry put straight into his butt. The man laid down, severely drunk and never woke up again. Getting really drunk quickly has its pluses but it also has its dangers.

Through butt chugging alcohol gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream when taken rectally by bypassing the stomach and the acid in the stomach. One major disadvantage of butt chugging is that that when you become intoxicated your body has no way of fighting back. Normally, when you’ve ingested too much alcohol, your body in an attempt to heal itself will cause you to vomit. When you butt chug, your body doesn’t do that. We all can easily see the danger in this. If you can’t vomit when you drink too much the chances of alcohol poisoning become much greater leading to more alcohol related deaths. Alcohol poisoning through butt chugging can lead to death very quickly and is dangerous for your brain, heart and liver.

One of the biggest misconceptions of butt chugging is that you will be able to pass a breathalyzer because there is technically not any alcohol consumed in your mouth. This is not true and you will not pass a breathalyzer because the test monitors alcohol in your blood stream not your mouth. DO NOT DRIVE DRUNK REGARDLESS IF YOU THINK YOU’LL PASS A BREATHALYZER OR NOT. YOU RUN THE RISK OF KILLING YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE.

The other big misconception about butt chugging is that it is safer than its sister method “vodka tampons”. Not true, both are extremely dangerous and unhealthy and run a high risk of alcohol poisoning. Another reason some teenagers are trying butt chugging is because there is no risk of throwing up and while that is true and as we mentioned above; very dangerous, you can become severely inebriated from butt chugging to the point that you lose control of your bowel movements and end up making a mess of yourself. Oh and there’s also the very possible chance you can die from many complications of alcohol poisoning, dehydration, etc.

This new fad is one that that is disgusting and also dangerous, butt chugging is not the way to go. If you are looking to get drunk just stick with the old fashioned way. Not only is it just a little bit safer, but it is also less disturbing.

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