Mike Tyson and how “The Hangover” saved his life

Mike Tyson and how “The Hangover” saved his life

Ever hit rock bottom so hard that your only option was to stop drinking? A lot of people have.

Mike Tyson credits the hangover for his sobriety. Well sort of…

Mike Tyson soared back into the spotlight in 2009 when he appeared in the blockbuster hit – The Hangover. He says that he was in a dark place during the filming of the movie but after its debut and success he was approached by a school bus full of kids who hugged him and asked him about his role in the movie.

He says that day changed his life. Could it be that the truth and happiness from children made him realize that life is worth living- the right way? No matter how hard things get, there’s always love and happiness in this world.

Mike Tyson has been beat up throughout his life, literally. Once a heavyweight champ traveling the world, dating the most gorgeous women, and attending the hottest parties – he had it all. We all know too well that all that glitters isn’t gold. Tyson battled substance abuse, domestic violence and was convicted of rape charges in 2009; which he served three years in prison for.

In 2009 he also lost his 4 year old daughter in a freak treadmill accident. Such a tragedy!

Today Mike Tyson is 3 years sober and appearing in a one man show on Broadway entitled, “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth” directed by Spike Lee. The show will run 12 times between July 31st and August 12th.

Take a look at a recap of his very personal interview with ABC anchor Terry Moran:

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