Top 5 offensive alcohol names

Any attention including negative attention is good right?

Some alcoholic drinks don’t make any contextual sense like Coors or Budweiser. Others have these seemingly grandiose names that still don’t make much sense like Ciroc and Nuvo. Then there are alcoholic beverages whose names need no clarification: they’re just outright offensive. The following top 5 offensive alcohol names are a ploy to grab attention amongst the competition. These alcohol companies have named their alcoholic beverages things that will make your head spin before the 40 proof burn in the back of your throat.

Usually alcohol companies leave it up to you to get drunk and do something offensive. In this case the mere bottle in your hand is enough.

Here are the top 5 offensive alcohol names and we won’t be offended if you get offended.

1. Coming into the number one spot is a real Raging Bitch. Did we just say that? Yes we did. The first offensive alcohol name is ‘Raging Bitch’. This Raging bitch is a foul mouthed beer made by the Flying Dog Company. Raging Bitch beer is a Belgian-Style India Pale Ale with a high alcohol content of 8.3%.

Recently this Raging Bitch went to court because it was banned by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission in 2009 for its name. Needless to say you don’t mess with a “raging bitch”. The Flying Dog had something to say about that and sued in Federal court claiming its 1st amendment rights were violated which resulted in a reversal of the ban.

2. Whether or not you think this next offensive alcohol name should be at the number one spot or the number two spot you have to say that it is almost equally offensive as the first. Coming in at number two of our top 5 offensive alcohol names is the ‘Dirty Bastard’. While the name ‘Dirty Bastard’ may throw you off this is actually rated as an exceptional beer. Not so dirty after all.

A scotch ale made by the Founders Brewing Company, you have to wonder since the company put such an offensive alcohol name on it, wouldn’t the beer have to make up for the lack of taste in the alcohol name with the actual alcohol in it? In the ‘Dirty Bastard’s’ case it definitely does.  With an alcohol by volume content of 8.5% this Dirty Bastard doesn’t live up to its name and were thinking that’s a good thing.

3. Coming in at number three is the more well-known’ Five Wives Vodka’. ‘Five Wives Vodka’s’ controversy started when it was banned in Idaho because it raised concerns about offending Mormons but it is now ok to sell.

 The picture on the label of ‘Five Wives Vodka’ depicts five women in petticoats holding kittens near their lady parts. Aside from its offensive alcohol name ‘five wives vodka’ is decent liquor; made by Ogden’s Own Distillery and distilled from a 50/50 blend of wheat and corn and also filtered multiple times. This offensive alcohol is then blended with spring water from Utah’s own Ogden Canyon. Five Wives Vodka is 80 proof and a sure conversation starter.

4. Our next alcohol on the top 5 offensive alcohol name pushes the limits of what it means to be offensive. With these next offensive alcohol names were talking terrorism and murder on a worldwide level.

With that said these offensive alcohol names and labels take it to the next level. Coming in at number 4 of our top 5 offensive alcohol names are the fascist dictators. How about a nice glass of Fuhrer cabernet? Or a beer with Mussolini on the front label? Italy’s I Nostalgici offers you the chance to have a bottle of wine or beer depicting a figure of someone who has made history. Someone such as, oh say, Hitler or Stalin. We’re guessing that is not the kind of history you were thinking of.

5. And coming in last for our top 5 offensive alcohol names only comes in last because it is not a brand but rather a mixed drink is the infamous ‘redheaded slut’. The ‘redheaded slut’ or ‘ginger bitch’ is a mixed drink that includes Jagermeister, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice. 

This offensive alcohol name was made popular by college students who wanted to order drinks with sexually explicit names. The ‘redheaded slut’ definitely “gets around town” (pun definitely intended there) because this was probably the first drink you thought of when you began thinking of offensive alcohol names you may have already heard of.

That about finishes the top 5 offensive alcohol names and if you have left offended we know we and the alcohol have done their job.

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