Healthy Hangover Cures

Healthy Hangover Cures


The best hangover cure is still to moderate or limit your drinking so you don’t even run the risk of feeling like crap in the morning. Most of the times it is easy to overindulge when it comes to drinking, so if you are going to drink, a good healthy hangover cure, is to drink water in between each alcoholic beverage. Most hangovers happen because your body gets dehydrated. Drinking water between each alcoholic beverage is a healthy hangover cure because it helps your body process the alcohol and keeps you hydrated. If wake up the next morning to a hangover then check out these other hangover cures.

Alka-Seltzer. If you find yourself in the morning with a hangover that includes a queasy stomach this healthy hangover cure will settle your stomach with its special ingredient sodium bicarbonate which neutralizes stomach acid. This is better than aspirin or anything citrusy that can just irritate your stomach more.

Juice, water and sports drinks. These three liquids help to replenish what the body has lost during a night of drinking and can help to expel the toxins at the same time. It is guaranteed that these healthy hangover cures are going to make you feel just a little bit better.

Exercise. A gentle exercise can do wonders for a hangover. This healthy hangover cure is not only good for you when you don’t have a hangover but is also good for when you do. Remember to stay hydrated if you can even muster up the effort to do a gentle workout.

Sleep. This healthy hangover cure is pretty obvious. Sleep is your best friend right now if you have time for it. Sleep lets the body process, so it gets the rest it needs in order to feel energized and refreshed again.

Banana/blueberry/kale/lemon smoothie. This healthy hangover cure just sounds healthy and it is! Antioxidants. Potassium. Natural sugars. Vitamins. Digestive enzymes. These are things that actually really help heal a hangover. Get a green smoothie. It has to be made fresh though, not one of those plastic bottles of green stuff next to juice in the grocery store.

Omega 3s—and then repeat. There’s not much omegas aren’t good for. This healthy hangover cure is just healthy in general. Take them when you get home; take them when you wake up; take them take them take them. Alcohol causes inflammation (which is at the root of most health problems), and omegas are proven to fight that inflammation a serious way. They will also help combat some of the unpleasant side effects of alcohol on your face, like dry, aggravated, blotchy skin.

Once again the best healthy hangover cures begin before the hangover. Drinking in moderations, drinking less, and staying hydrated while drinking are huge to curb a hangover. Healthy hangover cures are a good thing to know but a hangover still sucks and it sucks pretty bad sometimes. Be aware when you’re drinking of how much you are taking in and hopefully you can take the proactive measures to use healthy hangover cures just for health not for the pain and discomfort in the morning.


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