Top 10 Hangover Tweets

Top 10 Hangover Tweets

When people get drunk they do funny things. One of those things due to social media allows us to share in their experience. Here are the top 10 hangover tweets that lets get a glimpse of what the night before looked like and what we should try to avoid in the morning.

1.      claytonfarris: Just woke up expecting to not know where I was, but I am home. Thank you to whoever dropped me off. #hungover

This is the perfect example of what is known as a blackout. If you ever have one of these moments where you wake up in the morning and parts of your evening are missing, chances are you blacked out. This can be dangerous but it also can offer up some good laughs if you make it home safe such as this person.

2.      yourfaveblonde: You guys, I am officially so hungover I might die. Going to bed now. If you haven’t heard from me in a few hours, come check on me!

“Officially, SO hungover.” Nice. Just a tip for yourfaveblonde, drink some water beforehand it will lessen the chances that you wake up just a couple hours later with your mouth as dry as a desert.

3.      AshleyLynn84: I am NEVER drinking like that again. HOLY CRAP! I think I am still drunk. But yet….SO HUNGOVER. WOW.

She must have had quite a bit of alcohol in her system to reach a state of still being drunk yet hungover. Some studies say that hangovers are a sign of alcohol withdrawal. Maybe slow down on the amount your consuming so you don’t reach a hangover before you aren’t even drunk anymore.

4.      lindzinlove: Death is near… So fu$$kn hungover.

Chances are if you are posting on twitter you are going to be just fine. Do drink plenty of water though. Hangovers are a sign your body is missing some vital nutrients, some nutrients as basic as H20.

5.     DreaTorres: Locked out of the house: cold, tired, and hungover FML

We have nothing to say about this. It just sucks. Chances are this guy has his keys to his house in his pocket, but is just too hungover to find them.

6.      heatheralxandra: The fact I’m in my bed, hungover, wallowing in self-pity and too scared to check how much money I spent last night means I had a good night.

The definition of a good night is all relative. Our hats are off to ya though if this is your definition of good.

7.      ranalees: sooo Im a lil hungover but in a fanfreakintastic mood. It is beautiful outside and its Sat. so what more can u ask for.

Staying positive is always good. We can’t say that this will always be the case for ranalees though. Getting outside, drinking some water, maybe even doing a little exercise may help with that hangover

8.      La_Wendy: Hate wen I’m hungover & I turn too fast and my head starts spinning haven’t had one of these in I don’t know how long.

LA_Wendy couldn’t even remember what that spinning feeling is called. Let us remind you, they are called “the spins.” This is a sign you are quite drunk and quite hungover. Best bet for this is to sleep and drink some water, lots and lots of water.

9.      gg112pm: RT @juliebenz: Never go grocery shopping when you are hungover and thirsty…. You end up buying way too many vitamin drinks.. Just sayin’…

This goes along with the same old adage- “don’t ever grocery shop when you’re hungry.” You may have spent too much money on vitamin water but its always good to have incase this ever happens again, we hope it doesn’t.

10.  aypro: @jpauldaigle magnitude of hangover? i think i’ll still be hungover tomorrow.

That’s an intense hangover and we are glad we are not experiencing that with you. It always feels worse than it really is though. Drink some water, get some sleep, check out some healthy hangover cures and chances are you will be right as rain tomorrow.





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