Hangover Movie – Requiem for a Dream

Yesterday I watched Requiem for a Dream for the first time and was it INTENSE! I don’t think I’ve ever been sucked into a movie the way I was when I watched this film. I felt the pain, aguish, fear, depression, pressure and anxiety that all the characters were going through. It was real, too real. This is a film I recommend that everyone (18 and over unless your parents approve otherwise) watch because it gives a more realistic portrayal of the cycle of addiction and how synical it really is. Yes, it’s a bit dramatic (as most main stream films are) but very gritty.

WARNING: Requiem for a Dream is NSFW: In case you’re wondering what NSFW means; it means it’s NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK.

This is a classic movie about addiction, societal pressure, the quest for freedom from addiction in general – not just from a substance. All the characters had in some way, good intentions, but in the end suffered very serious consequences from their drug addictions. In this movie you’ll see characters that are battling Heroin, Cocaine and Speed addictions. The movie is split into three seasons – Summer, Fall and Winter. In the Summer we find the characters blooming and experiencing happiness and highs in their life. In the Fall they hit a hard wall and begin to fall apart and once Winter comes around all hell has broken loose and their lives have become unmanageable, dark and destructive. The director, Darren Aronofsky was not interested in Requiem For a Dream as a junky movie or a film about drug paraphernalia. He was more interested in the before and after of drug use.

Requiem for a Dream Trailer

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