Hangover Movie: Love and Other Drugs

Love and other drugs

Hangover Movie: Love and Other Drugs

This picture can best be summed up as a kind of old fashioned romance falling in love story that touches your emotions as you feel the couples Jamie (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) and Maggie’s (played by Anne Hathaway) growing pains of trust, sickness and feel good pleasure.

Set in the mid 1990’s when the economy was booming you have Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal) who’s a young playboy from a well to do family and his biggest love in life is going to bed with hot young females. Then Jamie decides to get a little bit more power hungry when he becomes a pharmaceutical sales rep. He’s taken under the arms of an ego driven boss Bruce (Oliver Platt) and the catch and sale of the game is for Jamie to use his charm and good looks to help sell medicine like Zoloft and Viagra. Plus his connection with a cocky Dr. Knight (Hank Azaria) helps his climb and profile in the drug selling world too! Now that Jamie has become a hotshot pharmaceutical rep he now meets his match in one of Knight’s patients that being the sassy and witty sharp tongued free spirited sexy Maggie Murdock (Anne Hathaway) as you can see a lot of adjectives to describe her. Only blemish with the beautiful Maggie is that she has stage one Parkinson’s disease. Never mind these hot young attractive singles hit it off perfect as this quickly becomes a relationship of no strings attached lust bedroom making very hot passionate sex.

Yet as the charms of Jamie continues to go both for Maggie and his business he unexpectedly starts to have feelings for Maggie has he finally met his match can he charm the stubborn sex magnet Maggie? Soon after the feelings between the two arise, Maggie’s condition begins to get worse and Jamie goes on a long hunt to find a cure for her Parkinson’s disease with no avail. And of course there is an ending that fits right in with the romantic cliché’. Something bad happens they split up and then have to go chasing each other down again.

The film is blended well with both comedy and drama as Jamie’s slob geek overweight brother Josh(Josh Gad) provides laughs trying to score and it’s fun seeing he’s addicted to watching internet porn and sex tapes. Plus the scene of Jamie’s boner from taking the Viagra pill was downright funny. Still Maggie is a serious go getter by traveling even to Canada to Parkinson support groups in the search for new cures and ways of living with the disease.

Either way you look at it Love and Other drugs is a great movie that is different than most romantic comedies. It’s real, funny, witty, and sad at times.

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