Hangover Movie: Strange Brew

Hangover Movie Strange Brew

Hangover Movie: Strange Brew

Strange Brew is a Canadian comedy that was made in 1983. Strange Brew stars Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis who were also co-directors of the movie. The majority of the film was shot in Southern Ontario.

The Plot of Hangover Movie: Strange Brew

Two brothers without jobs, Bob and Doug, put a mouse in a beer bottle hoping to blackmail a local beer store so they could get free beer but they are told to take the matter up with the actual brewery instead. After giving the bottle to management at the brewery the brothers are given jobs on the bottling line inspecting bottles for mice.

In the meantime, the evil Brewmeister Smith is planning to take over the world by placing a mind-control drug in his beer. The mind control drug makes the consumer docile but also makes him or her attack others when stimulated by certain musical tones.

Bob and Doug slowly learn that the former owner of the brewery died under mysterious circumstances and that the former owner’s daughter has been given full control of the brewery. While exploring the brewery they discover that it was Brewmeister Smith who murdered the former owner and that the former owner’s brother was involved. Bob and Doug manage to get a floppy disk video of the former owner’s murder by the Brewmeister Smith. Smith catches them and tranquilizes them hoping to frame them for murder, the murder of the former owner’s daughter and a man named Henry Green. Brewmeister smith does this by putting the daughter and Henry in kegs in the van along with Bob and Doug and then sabotages the van to crash into a lake. The van crashes but everyone survives.

Bob and Doug go to trial and the judge rules them insane and puts them under Brewmeister Smith at the asylum. Eventually they escape and find out Brewmeister’s plan. A ghost tells the brothers that Brewmesiter has already shipped a tainted beer to Oktoberfest and the brothers stop the beer from being drunk by going to Oktoberfest.

Throughout the entire movie it is drunken antics and beer. Of course the entire hangover movie is set in a brewery. It is a story of two crazy drunk brothers who eventually end up saving the day. Bob and Doug save the day and as for the contaminated beer they stopped from being handed out at Oktoberfest they haul away and drink it all.

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