How to Pass a Drug Test (Urine)

How to Pass a Drug Test

If you are trying to pass a drug test chances are that you have been having a little too much fun in the recent days or weeks; maybe even months and years. Whether you need to pass a drug test given by your parents, job, school, probation officer etc. there are some methods you can try to test negative for everything.

There are many types of drug tests, but the most common is the urine drug test. There are four main methods to pass a urine drug test: detox, masking, dliution and substitution; none of these are guaranteed methods. Except the first one; detox.

Detox: Detox is by far the best way to pass a urine drug test. Detox is simply just stopping the use of drugs. If you have some time before your drug test, detox is the safest and most effective way to make sure you pass. If you don’t have a lot of time before your drug test than detox may be a bit risky but regardless of how much time you have beforehand or what method to pass a drug test you use; you should always stop using the drugs as a part of it. Quitting the drugs you were using is absolutely necessary to having any chance of passing a drug test.

Masking: Masking prevents the release of toxins in your body. This means that you are going to try and cover up whatever substances are in your body so they don’t show up in the drug test. There are many beverages sold in smoke shops that guarantee they can do this so you can pass your drug test; but they are far from guaranteed. Trying to use commercial, over-the-counter chemicals and drugs to mask your drug use, could work but now many drug testing labs test for them to see if you are trying to mask and this will result in you having a failed drug test.

Dilution: Dilution is the process of reducing the concentration of drug or drug metabolites in your urine so you can pass the drug test. This is accomplished either by drinking copious amounts of water or by adding something to the sample to dilute it. This could possibly work but be careful because diluting a sample will lower the specific gravity and creatine levels in your urine. Drug testing labs will routinely test samples for creatine levels to try and detect dilution. If you decide you want to dilute your sample be careful and use warm water. Also know that drinking tons of water to internally dilute your system can be detected. Also drinking a lot of water can be dangerous and result in water intoxication.

Substitution: Substitution is a method that involves substituting your own urine with another person’s urine or a synthetic sample. There are many products on the market today to pass a drug test through using synthetic urine. For example, by drug users alike, The Whizzinator is highly recommended. There is also synthetic urine that comes in capsules. The problem with substitution is that some drug testing labs can now test for synthetic urine especially the liquid kind. If you get caught using synthetic urine you may be asked to give a sample again while under supervision too. If you really want to be authentic you could get someone else’s urine to pass a drug test but you have to keep it sealed and refrigerated. Not only that but you have to use it within 48 hours or the urine will darken and bacteria will begin to grow. When that happens the pH of the urine will change and the labs will know something is up.

If your drug test isn’t being sent off to a lab you have much higher chances of passing a drug test because home drug test kits can be inaccurate and most of the time the people giving them are not keeping as close an eye on what you are doing or what the sample should look like. Just remember if you are trying to pass a drug test your best bet is to stop doing drugs!


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