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Mercy Soda
Mercy Soda

Mercy soda gained popularity when Gwyneth Paltrow told news reporters that she swears by it. Mercy soda is marketed as a hangover prevention product, not a hangover remedy. Although some people claim it can help lessen the hangover the next day. Mercy soda has a light, natural citrus flavor. The makers of mercy soda also say you can drink this “miracle” beverage at the end of the night instead of or along with water.

The best time to drink mercy soda in order to receive maximum benefits is while or shortly after drinking.  Makers of Mercy Soda even suggest that you mix it with your alcohol to make a cocktail. Mercy Soda is said to flush your system of acetaldehyde, the chemical that causes a hangover. It contains amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins. The makers of mercy soda recommend one can of mercy soda for every five alcoholic beverages. Drinking mercy soda after a long night of drinking helps prevent hangovers, detoxifies the body, boosts its defenses, alleviates alcohol flush and replenishes key nutrients. Mercy soda works by restoring nutrients and eliminating toxins, like acetaldehyde as mentioned earlier; alcohol’s unhealthy by-product, so hangover symptoms like headaches and nausea do not have a chance to set in.

A hangover is a chemical process. Just having one glass of wine or one shot of tequila creates the production in your body of a toxin called acetaldehyde – which is considered 30 times more dangerous than the actual alcohol itself. This is where mercy soda’s acclaimed hangover cure comes in. Mercy soda has a mixture of amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins to help boost your body’s natural defenses and rid your body of acetaldehyde. Mercy soda is filled with amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes and herbal supplements that work together to help effectively eliminate toxins produced in the body when alcohol is consumed. That means mercy soda helps with experiencing hangover symptoms or even alcohol flush.

The ingredients in each can of mercy soda claim to help your body detox, boosting your body’s defenses and replenishing key nutrients lost during a night of drinking. Drinking mercy soda, during or shortly after alcohol consumption, encourages your body to produce more glutathione, a naturally occurring substance that neutralizes dangerous free radicals and helps the liver remove toxins such as acetaldehyde, the more dangerous result of drinking alcohol and the main cause of hangovers and alcohol flush. According to mercy soda you will also sleep better. Poor sleep and fatigue after a night of drinking is often due to the loss of the amino acid glutamine, depleted by alcohol. Your body works hard to produce more of it throughout the night, which causes you to wake up in the process. Mercy soda helps you retain glutamine, so you can sleep soundly and sleeping soundly exponentially helps with hangovers.

Mercy soda is gaining widespread popularity because it is said to be most effective in the prevention of hangovers along with the health benefits of drinking it regardless of the hangover prevention effects.


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Too Many Hangovers May Be A Problem

If you have ever had a hangover you know that it is truly unpleasant and a result of making poor choices the night before. 75% or more of those who drink alcoholic beverages experience hangover symptoms the next morning. Too many hangovers like this may be a problem.

Typical symptoms of a hangover are headache, upset stomach, vomiting or nausea, a bad taste in your mouth, depressed mood, lack of interest in doing normal things the next morning, and a lapse of memory regarding events from the night before. Some individuals feel a sense of guilt over behavior or events that happen during their drinking. When this happens often and you feel you have been having too many hangovers there may be a problem. There are many contributing factors to the occurrence of a hangover. The most obvious factor is the consumption of too much alcohol. Then there is the lack of sleep, drinking on an empty stomach, drinking too much in a small amount of time, having a dehydrated body, and being in poor health.

Too many hangovers may be a problem not only because of the deterioration of your health but also because of the effects it will eventually have on your work performance, school performance, and performance when it comes to life in general. Too many hangovers may also be a problem because it is a sign that you cannot control your drinking to the point that you can stop before you have a hangover. Hangovers being caused by drinking too much alcohol are a sign that you need to either stop drinking or seriously moderate your drinking. If you find that you continue to have negative symptoms due to drinking and too many hangovers then there may be a problem.

Hangovers are not a problem if they only happen once in awhile. While it is true that 75% of people who drink alcoholic beverages experience hangover symptoms that does not mean they are experiencing them frequently. Too many hangovers may be a problem if they persist, especially if you always have a hangover after you drink. A hangover is a sign that your body need to recover from the amount you were drinking and if you are drinking enough to be experiencing too many hangovers then your health, mind, body, work, school, and vocations could be in jeopardy of being hindered or lost all together.

Too many hangovers may be a problem but the way to truly find out is to try and limit your drinking or stop drinking all together and see how it goes. If you find you cannot do either of these things then your constant hangovers may be a more serious problem than you thought initially. If your hangovers turn out to be more of a problem than you expected the next step would be to seek outside help from some kind of alcohol counseling, treatment, or self-help group in your area.

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Hangover Story: Plumber Falls Asleep On Customers Kitchen Floor

It started out as fun night at the bar watching the football game. Then it turned into a couple pints of beer and few shots of tequila. Forgetting that he had work in the morning our plumber continued to drink and drink. Not eating, drinking no water, and diminishing his body of B-vitamins the plumber staggered his way home to hit the hay.

What he came to find the next morning was his body and mind in less than perfect shape. His head was throbbing, he was so tired, and his throat was dry. He felt like he was going to puke along with all the other hangover symptoms. It was then that he got the call saying he had to go and fix an older woman’s pipes in her kitchen.

He began working on her pipes, lying on the ground his head under the sink. The next thing he knew he felt something kicking his feet that were sticking out from under the sink. “Are you okay?” the woman asked. “Sure” the plumber said. “Ill be done here in a second.” The woman replied, “I was just wondering because you were snoring under there.”

The plumber didn’t lose his job but he was pretty miserable while doing it and pretty severely embarrassed at the fact that he had fallen asleep on this woman’s kitchen floor. “I should have called in to work sick” the plumber said.

Moral of this story: Don’t drink before you have to be at work or if you do call out sick from work. You can’t speed up the recovery of a hangover even if you can help remedy it. IT takes however long the body takes to heal from hangover and you really should give the body time. That or if you know you’re going to have a hangover take B-vitamins for energy and drink plenty of water.




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