Hangover Cures: Vitamins

hangover cures vitamins

Hangover Cures: Vitamins

Alcohol not only gets you drunk but it also depletes your body of vital vitamins it needs to function properly. Because alcohol is a diuretic, which is the reason you have to run to bathroom so often when drinking, it ends up flushing everything including your hydration out of your system. That is why one of the most common hangover cures, vitamins is so essential to beating the day after boozing blues.

The most important vitamins that your body loses after a long night of drinking are the B and C vitamins. B meaning, B6, B12 among others. If you want a hangover cure that includes vitamins take something like Thiamine which is a B6 vitamin and Riboflavin which is B2, Folic acid is B6 and B12. You can also find B vitamin complexes to beat the hangover and B vitamin deficiency that include all of the B vitamins you need. The most important B vitamin though, which also gives you energy is B12 also called cobalamin. B12 plays a major role in the functioning of the brain and nervous system. So make sure to include the B12 vitamin in your hangover cure.

For vitamin c, well its one of the most popular vitamins to date. It is in orange juice and most citrus fruits including many vegetables. If you want a powerful vitamin C though for a hangover cure you could choose to use Emergen-C. It is very popular in the United States and is a hit internationally. People also take it for when they are beginning to get sick. So if you want a jam-packed packet of Vitamin C that’s the way to go to use vitamins as a hangover cure.

Caution though, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t really work, there is no proven scientific evidence that this will help with anything but taking vitamins definitely wont hurt you either. The people who really are serious about taking vitamins as hangover cures will take them before they start drinking, after they stop drinking, and during the next day regardless if they have a hangover or not.

Taking a multi-vitamin that has everything you need in it might also be a great vitamin hangover cure. Although, there is not proven evidence behind this on whether or not it really works. Really the best you can do for a hangover is get hydrated. Drink Gatorade or something that has the vitamins in it along with the electrolytes to not only hydrate but also replenish some missing vitamins. Alcohol dehydrates you first and foremost and with that lack of hydration also comes a lack of vitamins so if you can handle drinking some fresh water along with your vitamins chances are it will work great as a hangover cure. Problem with vitamins is you usually should take them with food and during a hangover that isn’t always the best option. So maybe opt for a vitamin filled water for your hangover cure and see what happens as you give your body the drink of water it needs along with some of its basic necessities to function. Vitamins which are a hangover cure.

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