Hangover Remedies: Sandwiches

Hangover Remedies Sandwiches

Hangover Remedies: Sandwiches

Pounding headache, sour stomach, dry mouth: we all know what it feels like when you wake up after a night of hard drinking. You think to yourself “Maybe I shouldn’t have had that last shot” or “I think it was the long island ice teas” or even “I am never, ever drinking again.” No matter what you figure out or your constant internal promises to take it easy next time, you are still stuck with the hangover. And it’s miserable.

Everyone has their own hangover remedies. They won’t “cure” a hangover, but hangover remedies generally make the hangover more bearable. There are foods you can eat, exercises you can do, OTC meds to try, and even pills, powders, and drinks that are specially formulated to treat a hangover.  Scientists have mostly debunked hangover remedies, saying they don’t really do anything to “cure” the hangover once you have one.

However, there is one hangover remedy that has been shown to work better than all the others: sandwiches; specifically bacon sandwiches.

Hangover Remedies: Why bacon sandwiches work

Food is a big part of most hangover remedies because it can calm the stomach and speed the metabolism so your body can get rid of the booze more quickly. Bacon sandwiches have the added bonus of containing both bacon and bread.

Bacon contains a lot of protein, which breaks down into amino acids. One particular type of amino acid, amine has been shown to be effective in clearing your head after a night of partying.  Binging on alcohol depletes your store of amino acids, so the bacon in the bacon sandwich is a big part of what makes it one of the best hangover remedies.

Bread is great because it contains a lot of carbohydrates. It not only can absorb some of the acid in your stomach when you wake up with a hangover, it also gives you a boost of energy.

The coolest thing about bacon sandwiches? Researchers found that just being in the same room with the cooking bacon helped people with a hangover feel better. The specific, particular amino acids and sugars released into the air when bacon is heated above 150 degrees centigrade have been shown to have a physiological effect on the human body. How cool is that??

Hangover Remedies: Avoiding a hangover

As good as hangover remedies are, it’s always best to try to avoid the hangover all together. The only way to really do that is to limit your drinking. Before you drink, however, have a big protein and carb rich meal. And avoid mixing different types of alcohol. Another good tip: Have a glass of water with each drink. This will keep you hydrated and also probably prevent you from drinking too much. Even if you neglect to do this while you are out, make sure you stay up long enough to drink a full glass before you go to sleep. The other big culprit behind a hangover is lack of sleep, so be sure to get a full nights rest after drinking.

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